The Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System for the Caribbean and the Regional Association for the Caribbean - CaRA

The mission of the Caribbean Regional Association - CaRA is to establish and administer a sustained observing system for the northeastern Caribbean region, the Caribbean Regional Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing System - CaRICOOS to provide observations and products for the purposes of:

  • Detecting and predicting climate variability and consequences
  • Preserving and restoring healthy marine ecosystems
  • Ensuring human health
  • Managing resources
  • Facilitating safe and efficient marine transportation
  • Coastal Hazard Management Response
  • Predicting and mitigating against coastal hazards

In order to make the observing system a reality, the immediate task for CaRA is to:

  • Identify data users and their needs
  • Identify data providers
  • Enhance data flow and communication between users and providers
  • Identify data gaps and design systems to fill these gaps

This task cannot be accomplished without community input. CaRA is responsive to input from users and providers and requests your assistance in meeting these goals.
Feel free to contact us,  we need your input.  

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