CaRA General Assembly March 20, 2015 - Club Náutico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

U.S. IOOS®: Program Overview Zdenka Willis
IOOS Program Director
Progress Report: The State of CariCOOS Prof. Julio Morell, Executive Director, CariCOOS
CariCOOS Upcoming Challenges and Opportunities Dra. Sylvia Rodríguez-Abudo, PI CariCOOS
Key advances in ocean observing and prediction in the US Caribbean in FY14 Dr. Miguel Canals & the CariCOOS Team
CariCOOS Branding, Website Redesign and Social Media Strategies  
Candela Demarco & Rafols Morales
Candela Creative Group
Storm Surge Modeling in Puerto Rico in Support of Emergency Management Response, Risk Assesment, Coastal Planning and Climate Change Analysis Jose Benítez (Ph.D. student)
Aurelio Mercado (Physical Oceanography Professor)
Harry Justiniano (IT technician)
Observations in Support of Fisheries Management Graciela García Moliner, Ph.D.
Caribbean Fishery Management Council
Coastal and Ocean Observations in the Archipelago of PR/USVI: Dissemination and Use Ruperto Chaparro, Director
Puerto Rico Sea Grant UPR



 CaRA General Assembly March 13, 2014 - San Juan Puerto Rico

CaRA General Assembly 2014 Carl Gouldman
Division Chief - Regions, Budget, and Policy, U.S. IOOS Office
CariCOOS Progress Report Prof. Julio Morell, Executive Director, CariCOOS
Expanding CariCOOS into the nearshore region Dr. Miguel Canals - PI CariCOOS
Collaboration and cooperation efforts between CarICOOS and NWS-San Juan Roberto Garcia, Meteorologist In-charge NWS
United States Virgin Island Marine Research Assets Dr. Paul Jobsis, Acting Director
Center for Marine and Environmental Studies, UVI
The CariCOOS Caribbean Asset Explorer: A New Tool for Exploring
Caribbean Observations and Forecast
Doug Wilson,  Caribbean Wind LLC
Tides, storm surge, and extratropical swell waves in Puerto Rico: numerical modelling and field experiments Juan Gonzalez-Lopez, University of Notre Dame
 Sustained and Targeted Ocean Observations for Improving Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Hurricane Seasonal Forecast

 Gustavo Jorge Goni (NOAA/AOML, Miami, FL)



2013 Regional IOOS Fall Meeting - November 7th and 8th San Diego California

Cara and CariCOOS Success and Failure (.pdf)



CaRA General Assembly March 12, 2013

Update CariCOOS General Assembly (.pdf)

Zdenka Willis, Director, US IOOS Program Office

CariCOOS Executive Progress Report (.pdf)

Prof. Julio Morell, Executive Director, CariCOOS

Operational modeling of waves and currents at beach and harbor scales (.pdf)

Dr. Miguel Canals - PI CariCOOS

CariCOOS Education and Outreach (.pdf)

Dr. Yazmín Detrés -CariCOOS

US IOOS Responds to Huricannes Irene and Sandy (.pdf) Dr. Scott Glenn - Managing Director & PI, MARACOOS


CaRA General Assembly March 2012

IOOS Program Overview

Gabrielle Canonico

CaRA Progress Report

Prof. Julio Morell

CariCOOS Observations & Models

Dr. Miguel Canals

Education Outreach 2012

Dr. Yazmín Detrés


Dr. Jorge Capella

VI CaRA Activities

Prof. Roy Watlington

EcoExploratorio de Puerto Rico

Ada Monzón

WeatherFlow and CariCOOS

Dr. Luis Aponte & Mr. Jay Titlow

Attachment: Attendance List



CaRA General Assembly December 2009


Roy A. Watlington, CaRA Co-PI & UVI Consultant - Progress Report

Scott Strippling, NHC NOAA - Integration of CarICOOS Data into NHC Forecasts

Christa G. von Hillebrandt, PR Seismic Network - Putting Science to Societal Benefit

Erick Lemus, Rutgers Institute of Marine Sciences - Technology Overview 

Yasmin Detres - Education and Outreach Efforts 

Jack Harlan - IOOS Funding Opportunity Update

Nick Shay, Division of Meteorology and Physical Oceanograph, RSMAS - High frequency Radars

Regional Coordination Workshop Seattle 2009

Dr. Jorge Corredor, CaRA's Co PI - Workshop Presentation



Steering Committee Meeting- April 2007


Prof. Julio Morell, CaRA's PI - SCmeeting07_jm

Dr. Jorge Corredor, CaRA's Co PI - Assets Development Plan

Prof. Roy Watligton, CaRA's Co PI - CaRA SteeringComm070427

Mr. Ernesto Diaz, DRNA Administrator - IOOS CaRA

Mr. Ruperto Chaparro, Seagrant Director - canvas

Prof. Aurelio Mercado, Coastal Hazard Center Director -CaRA

Ms. Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade, PR Seismic Network Director -CARA-SteeringCommitteeSJ-CVH

Dr. Frank Muller-Karger, University of South Florida - FMK_CaRA_Apr07


Mr. Alexis Molinares, CaRA's Facilitator - draft-business-plan-alexis


NFRA Presentation

Dr. Jorge Corredor - NFRA_RA_CaRAv2