Puerto Rico South Coast Harbor Safety & Security Committee


Puerto Rico South Coast Harbor Safety & Security Committee (SCHS&SC)

The Caribbean Regional Association for Coastal Ocean Observing (CaRA) and its Observing System (CariCOOS) hosted a special meeting of the SCHS&SC meeting on Friday, January 13, 2012 at the Hotel Villa Parguera in La Parguera.

This meeting served mainly to discuss the transition of the SCHS&SC from Coast Guard leadership to stakeholder leadership. Although the Coast Guard will continue its role of supporting the SCHS&SC through participation in the proceedings and development of presentations, committee affairs will be in the hands of stakeholder-elected officers. Accordingly, during the meeting, in addition to the customary presentations, a draft of proposed bylaws SCHSSC was discussed and an ad hoc Organizing Committee was elected. Mr.  Luis Torres, Federal Affairs Officer for the City of Ponce, was elected Chairman of the ad hoc Committee. This Committee is tasked with the duties of fielding questions and amendments to the draft bylaws, convening the charter meeting of the new SCHS&SC in April 2012, and developing procedures for the election of SCHS&SC officers during the charter meeting. The ad hoc Committee encourages all stakeholders and concerned organizations to consider an active role in the SCHS&SC and to be prepared to lend their support, and possible candidacy for a leadership position.

CaRA/CariCOOS has taken the responsibility of assisting in the establishment of the new SCHS&SC. To this end, we have created a temporary web site at   http://cara.uprm.edu/?q=PRSCHS as a repository for organizational documentation. Readers will there find the agenda for the January meeting, a draft of the proposed bylaws and a list of Ad Hoc Organizing Committee members.

Stakeholders are encouraged to comment on the draft bylaws through email to the ad hoc Committee at: 

ponce_externalresources@yahoo.com  or  caricoos@gmail.com



1. Jan 13, 2012 Agenda


3. ad hoc SCHS&SC Organizing Committee